Who is Jesus christ?

Who is Jesus Christ? You may or may not have read some commentaries which try to argue who Jesus Christ is without biblical references to the claims Jesus made about himself.

The bible reveals who is Jesus Christ without contradicting itself in description, meaning and purpose. The seven articles below show who is Jesus Christ.

It explains exactly what will answer your question with regard to the claims Jesus the Christ made.  Please click the links below to read the articles.

Top 7 Revelations of Who is Jesus christ

1.       Jesus Christ is a human being. John 1:14. Don’t you believe so? The humanity of Jesus is demonstrated in full measure in the bible. However, His being human has nothing to do with ordinary weakness man assume by virtue of birth and upbringing.

2.       Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Luke 1:35. What does the son of God actually mean? This identity has generated debate among some Christian denominations and Biblical scholars alike. The son of God implies more than what generally people believe to mean. Describing Jesus Christ as the son of God sounds like He was born as a result of Mary’s marriage to a man. Go back and click the link to know more on who is Jesus Christ.

3.       Jesus Christ is the Son of Man. Mark 10:45. Son of man could mean a lot. It may show that Jesus Christ is not divine and hence the book of John and the synoptic gospels deify Jesus Christ for nothing.  Jesus Christ claims this title more than eighty times in the New Testament.  What does Jesus actually mean when He calls Himself the son of Man? The link above explains in detail.

4.       Jesus Christ is the Messiah. Luke 9:18—20. Messiah means the anointed one or a person send to advocate for someone. Jesus Christ asked His disciples a few days before He died who He is. The disciples gave varied opinions of what people say Jesus Christ is. However, peter answered Jesus Christ correctly. He says, “you are the messiah of God.” In the first century, many people thought Jesus was a prophet just like Moses or even Elijah. But messianic role in the person of Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of prophets and patriarchs’ testimony.

5.       Jesus Christ is Lord. What does the word “LORD” means? It was used the first time in the Old Testament. Sarah, Abraham’s wife, calls his husband lord. Likewise, Jesus Christ is the husband or the bridegroom for the church. He is the lord savior who in Him there is no other with authority, power and dominion in heaven and earth.

6.       Jesus Christ is God. Read Matthew 1:23. How Jesus is both a human being and God at the same time is a mystery the world seeks to understand. He is the God-Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the exact representation of the full deity of God. He shows the nature and character of God because He was chosen from eternity to save that which transgressor had distorted in law and life.

7.       Jesus Christ is the Ancient of Days. Read Daniel 7:9—28. In prophecy, Jesus is revealed in symbols. He always appears to prophets and those He chooses to reveal Himself to; inform of visions and dreams. In Daniel and John visions Jesus is identified as “like the son of man’. His hair is as white as snow and His throne dazzle with fire. From the days of old, He is says “I AM HE”

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