When was Jesus Christ born?

I don’t celebrate Christmas. I observe Easter celebrations with contempt too. I’m not an atheist though but I believe in Jesus Christ. It’s just that nowhere in the Bible mentions 25th December as the date the son of God was born.  When was Jesus born?

Luke 2:1—20 narrates the birth of Jesus. He says Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the city of His lineage, when Emperor Augustus had decreed census exercise in the Roman Empire. He says nothing about the date except that Quirinius was governor of Syria at the time.

But just how did Christians came to celebrate the birth of Jesus on 25th December? My parents never told me about the origin or meaning of it all. It took me 25 years to know how I came to honor not Jesus Christ but Baal in the church.

The eyes of the LORD

This is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. It goes against the laws of God. The church is guilty of adulterating the altar on Christmas as Baal is masked in mass gift giving, burning logs, warped get- together and luscious revelry. Now this is how the all thing started.

When Jesus Christ appeared on the scene, the Romans were ruling the world. Romans worshipped many gods.  Among the gods was the Saturnalia better known as ‘natalis  solis Invicti’. She was venerated on 17th to 25th every December at the fall of spring in a festival called the ‘birth day of the unconquered Sun’ even before Jesus walked on the earth in Palestine.

Romans assimilated into their sanctum of religion this practice from the Persians [Sumerians], Greeks and Egyptians who worshipped Mithras, Zeus and Isis respectively as the sun god.  This was an ancient and pagan religion that the celebration of the Sun god had become common place in Rome at the time of Emperor Aurelian in 274 AD.

200 years after the disciples and Apostle Paul watered the gospel of the risen Christ in Jerusalem, Judea, Antioch and Ephesus--Emperor Constantine, a new convert into Christianity then, used His imperial power to declare 25th December in 325 AD Christmas, the purported birth of Jesus Christ. That is how ‘the birthday of the Sun’ became the celebration of the birthday of the Son of God.  

The first Christmas

In the festivities of the first Christmas, everything stopped in the empire as men and women engaged in drinking, orgies and revelries. Slaves were freed, beaten and mocked. And the houses were decorated using laurel branches and candle wax exchanged as gifts. It was a moment of excitement, lawlessness and debauchery.

The Roman church adopted everything in the letter and spirit of the pagan traditions. Nothing has changed, has it? Zilch. We see Christmas trees, exchange of gifts, Santa Claus, orgies and revelries at Christmas festivities than in any other time of the year. Unorthodox habits characterize Christmas ever since its adoption.

                     Christmas and Santa

Christening Santa on ‘Christmas’ and all the traditions of old is actually deifying Belial in the church and our homes.  Baal is typology of esoterism, false gods or any other Occultist exoteric observance and traditions without light, word or spirit of truth.

Christmas is nothing but observance to Baal engagement concealed in charity, sumptuous foods, drinks and anything lecherous. In all Christmas contretemps, Satan is behind the veil. Jesus unmask him as a ‘liar and the father of lies’ John 8:44.

Well, I don’t deny the fact that majority are sincere in their hearts concerning the event. Giving our hand of generosity to a children’s home or even meeting your friends and relatives after a long time is worthy of a day. It’s an exciting season to look forward to. And whether we celebrate Christmas or not should not be subject to anybodies judgment or criticisms. That is in order.

However, I have an exhortation or rebuke for Christians. Do we allow Christmas to cajole us to give, to be loving and kind? I tend to think that Christians should live a holy spirit driven life where giving, loving and being kind is part of Christian life every day. Should we wait for Christmas to bring out ‘the Christian in us?’ Not really, I suppose so.

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