Teachings Of Jesus christ: How The Parables Have Changed Life perspective

There are so many teachings today about life, the universe, relationships and many more. People learn them every day. They believe the teachings, practice and live by them. But if the teachings are not from, Jesus Christ, the greatest teacher of all—then it’s farce or even a hoax and the students do them in vain.

Jesus Christ, Mark 1:21 says, taught with authority. He taught with passion, zeal and left his audience whispering to each other questions like, ‘Who is he?’ and ‘is he not the son of Joseph whose father and mother we know?’

Such are the questions people ask when a teacher is radical, thought-provoking and a Holy Spirit led. Jesus demonstrated the kingdom of God in ways teachers who had come earlier than him never did. For things of eternal life and the heavenly knowledge is only understood through revelation from the Holy Spirit.

I have read and pondered on the teachings of Jesus Christ. I should say I find them awesome. I rejoice every time I meditate about them. They are radical, inspiring and life transforming. Here are a few of them.

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The parable of the Good Samaritan. Luke 10:25—37 records Jesus Christ teaching on the topic of law, grace and love. He uses the example of a priest, levite and Samaritan to demonstrate how people should relate with one another.  He shows how the love and joy we have in God should shine in Christian life.

The parable of the ten virgins. Matthew 25:1--13.The midnight cry alarms ten virgins from their slumber as the bridegroom arrives in the wedding banquet.  In the parable, Jesus Christ describes how the church has only two types of people: The wise and the foolish. Who are the wise?  What do they do in the wedding banquet? The foolish are locked out from the wedding ceremony. Why?  This parable of the virgins teaches important wisdom on how to live a Christian life.

There are secret teachings of Jesus Christ found in the book of Mark 4:1—20. The Lord Jesus, in the parable of the Sower, narrates what appears to be the only secret teaching the world do not know about the kingdom of God. It’s a mystery. The teaching is mind boggling.

Holy Spirit in the teachings of Jesus

There are also teachings about the relationship between Holy Spirit and Jesus which completes the nature of Yahweh deity. Holy Spirit and what it does, appears to be less understood and yet He is the invisible God who whispers messages of hope, love and Joy in the lord.  Jesus Christ teaches what and how the Holy Ghost administers the same work the son and the father in heaven assigns.

The Holy Spirit transforms the character of Jesus Christ followers and imbues them with righteousness. This is the joy of God.  Jesus Christ teaches that it is his joy too to have every student of His teachings live in the joy found in Jesus Christ.

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