4 Steps To Christ

THERE ARE FOUR STEPS TO CHRIST. The steps outline what you can do in order for you to enjoy full relationship with God.

Jesus Christ is the authority behind all the steps. He makes you delight in His presence when you recognize His tender mercies, joy and compassion which flow from Having Him in your life, your career, family and all the duties and responsibilities God has bestowed on you.

Now let us go through all the steps. May the Christ bless you and lead you into a full relationship in Him which His knowledge, power and righteousness resides.


God is Love and He loves you more than you care you think.  Read I John 4:16.  God’s love is everlasting.  He shows tender mercies for man who transgressed his law. Sin is a result of breaking God’s law which is actually Love.

Sin entered the realm of man existence when love as a principle was overlooked. This created enmity between God and man. And because love abounds more in God’s economy, He freely gave His son, Christ Jesus, into the world. He gave us Him so that through His life we may become reconciled to God. John 3:16. This He did because He loves you. Loving Jesus Christ is the first step towards the everlasting joy in life.


Going to Christ is the most important decision you can ever make in your life. God is in Christ and when you go to Him, you are sure of being in God’s safe harms and care. Jesus is the son of God whom God is delighted with. He brought Him forth so that in Jesus all evil ways of man, suffering and death may never lead Him into eternal destruction. Jesus is the way to God. Read John 14:6. He is eternal life, truth and Holy Father who died our death on the cross. Go to him and open your heart to Him. Surely He shall welcome you as His child.


Sin is expensive, wearisome, gory and disconnects the flow of the Holy Spirit into your life. Jesus says "come to me". Abandon all your past life. Read Matthew 11:28. The Bible shows how sin has led many people lead miserable life. Think of David, think of many other biblical characters and you shall see the consequences of sin. It has led to death and eternal loss in ways humanity cannot account for.

Humbly turn to Christ. Ask for his forgiveness and guidance. We cannot depend on ourselves for salvation. Jesus is the comforter, mediator and righteousness we all need and want in our lives. He is the only one with authority in heaven and earth to forgive sin. Therefore, “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out” Acts 3:19


Confessing your sins is the last step to Christ. In this stage, none can know what is in your heart or mind except you and God. If there is a sin you committed then you need to confess. How do you confess? You speak it publicly or privately. Read James 5:16.

In the process, mention names of particular sins you have in your mind and the ones you cannot recall by faith, confess them and believe Jesus Christ has heard your prayers. It’s as simple as that. However, if you cannot confess your sins, it shall derail all your plans. Read proverbs 28:13.

All the four steps to Christ may not necessarily follow each other in order. Salvation is all about having faith in Jesus Christ as lord and savior of your life. Nothing more nothing less. Jesus Christ does not take money or anything from you prior to your getting salvation.

The articles below have what you need to understand as also part of the steps to Christ.

a] Faith in Jesus Christ:What does having faith in Christ Jesus mean? Is faith the absence of knowledge? Well, faith and knowledge are both essential towards salvation. Faith is going beyond what you don’t know having exhausted where your finite mind can reach. Not all cases do knowledge marry with faith though. Knowledge sometimes can be based on half truth and illusions which creates look like truth of Jesus and yet it is a lie.

b] Believe in Christ: faith and believe are closely related. What makes them different is that sometimes believing in something can be devoid of the knowledge of Jesus.

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