The Origin of Christianity

Is Jesus Christ the origin of Christianity? Didn’t Christianity originate from Alexandria in the Ancient Egypt culture? Or may be Antioch in 212 AD before Rome adopted and adapted Christian religion in 325 at the council of Nicaea?

Where exactly did Christianity begin? Doesn’t Judaism too form the core beliefs in Christianity? Well, you can ask, ponder and argue endlessly about Christian origins without actually getting closer to answer the questions.

The origin of Christianity is one mystery the world needs to learn and appreciate the wisdom, knowledge and faith of Jesus Christ. The son of God is the bedrock that gives the origin, state and ultimate meaning of everything humanity attempts to know with very limited finite mind of understanding.

In other words, you can only understand the origin of Christianity when you understand the truth or the testimony of Jesus Christ. The sobering reality in Christianity is that Jesus is the craftsman or the creator who brought into existence the heaven and earth and everything above and below from ‘ex-nihilo’.

Going by this spirit filled understanding and faith you shall come to the realization that England, Israel and Rome were cities which existed after Christ, the ancient of days, lived in eternal bliss until the cosmic battle between good and evil started in God’s infinity.

In a nutshell, Christianity did not start in any geographical location we know of. It did not begin in England, Rome, Turkey or Germany. This is the truth: Christianity has no beginning and neither the end. It’s beyond time, tribe, country and institutions.

The Jesus Christ Christianity is a universal law governing all realities, philosophies, art and religion in the world.  Jesus is the origin of Christianity.

Would this then imply that Christianity was nowhere in the world until Jesus Christ was born? No! Christianity was in the world even before Christ was born. It was in Ancient Egypt. Read more here.

It existed in symbols, art and language of the people at the time. Christianity was in the world and it is still all over the world including nations that do not accept Christian religion in their soils.

What this means is that Jesus, the creator, is the spirit behind values, principles and laws that all religions in the world circumnavigate without ever admitting the name of Jesus anywhere. Christianity is all about God’s nature.

The nature of God is law and love. It’s about grace, justice, forgiveness and goodness of the Lord savior Jesus. Christianity is the joy, peace and faithfulness as manifested in the hearts of men through the Holy Spirit. Jesus was and is a Christian who never said he was one but demonstrated it on the cross.  

Scientists cannot take Christianity to lab and study its origins. Historians do not need an eye witness account or any artifact in the valleys and mountains of Africa or down in the Middle East to ascertain the accuracy of the gospel. [although the discovery of the  Dead Sea Scrolls deserves kudos to scientists who confirmed how Christianity is as old enough with white hair as snow as Jesus.]

The unpalatable truth, however, is that the world may be standing on a morass of lies and confusion due to unbelief, skepticism and Gnosticism. It just may be, nobody knows because the same Christian spirit does not pass judgments. The work belongs to Jesus Christ, the Judge of the world and the Sun of righteousness.

The world has history in prophetical times of the scripture which she ignores. She does what serves herself and she refuses to acknowledge the truth of Christ because the environment, education and culture of today is an apostate one.

She has no revelation of the goodness of God and constantly blasphemes, mock and persecutes Christians. Ultimately, the Armageddon experience would have to pass and the rescued Christians shall sing the song of Moses, the ancient Egyptian Christian, and the song of the lamb learning all the mystery of how God baked the cake of love in the name of Christianity.  


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