Worshiping The Lord Jesus Christ

Why do Christians worship the lord Jesus Christ?

………..the answer is obvious: Jesus Christ is lord and savior. His death on the cross paid the ultimate ransom the law demanded of you and everybody born under the curse of the law.

The law stated that without shading of blood there is no remission of sin. And so the one who had not known sin, the one who was holy and blameless died our death.

Now everybody stand in righteousness before God because our mediator did it all. He never paid half of the ransom but committed himself in all the glory and power of the Holy Spirit bestowed now on everybody who confess and worship the lord Jesus Christ.

A Child of God

Are you born again Christian? If you have not received Jesus Christ, this is the moment to believe Him as savior and lord. This is very simple and it’s Jesus joy and mine too to have you as a saved child in the kingdom of God. Here is How to be born again in the name of the lord Jesus.

Jesus is the only way to heaven. He is the Lord we need to worship and praise for the salvation which reconciled humanity with God. God the father declares Jesus as His only begotten son in whom we get eternal life. And in heaven and earth there is no other to worship and honor.

This mystery of God is revealed in the bible. Lord Jesus is the only son of God blessed with all wisdom, power and honor. We cannot afford to miss this reality. He is righteous, loving, slow to anger and full of grace and forgiveness.

Lord of lords

He is the beginning and the end. He is God of gods and lord of lords. Deuteronomy 10:17. He works in heaven and the hearts of men to bring about transformation of mind and actions. How mighty and awesome Jesus is!

God delights in Him for He knows how precious his blood is. Can your blood save anybody? It can’t. And now that you are saved and worship God in truth and spirit, has your life become a lamp unto men seeking Jesus? It should be.

Followers of Jesus are like the lamps which shines the glory and beauty of salvation in the lord. We work with Jesus. If you proclaim and worship Him, you are one with Him.

He loves you and calls you the sons and daughters of God. Pray that the lord Jesus Christ strengthens and sanctify your heart and mind to be Holy like Him.

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