'I Am The True Vine'
Read John 15:1

Do you want to live life full of joy in Jesus? Living such a fruitful life requires of you to understand what Christ declares in John 15:1.  He says “I am the true vine and my Father is a gardener”.

The Vine is a fruit producing plant. It bears good fruits if a farmer provides the crop with all the necessary requirement for a good fruit production.

In Christian life, God is a gardener. He waters, weeds, prunes and provide maximum care to the vine until it blossoms producing good fruit. The Son of God is like a vine. Jesus the vine, depends on the Gardener who is the Father in heaven.

To establish, grow and live a life full of joy in Jesus, Christians who are likened as the branches, are mutually benefiting from Jesus relationship with the father in heaven. Followers of Jesus Christ are conjoined with God through Jesus. It’s a triangle of relationship which makes Christian life one in spirit and in holy union with the creator of the universe.

What are the results of believing and meditating on the ‘I am the true vine’ teachings of Jesus?

The results of abiding in Christ are just awesome. There are so many benefits in spiritual life and in all spheres of life in general. These include the following:

     . You learn and grow in full measure of the love of God.

     . You live life in complete joy of Christ.

     . You develop indescribable peace in your heart.

     . It transforms you into a friend of Jesus.

     . You become faithful, kind, patient and self-controlled in character.

The list is endless and it’s the father glory to see all people become like Him. He directs your will power to raise the standard of life to what Jesus accomplished for us to the glory of God. In this way, you become a fruitful disciple of Christ. You become useful in advancing the message of redemption in obeying and doing the commandments of God.

And this is what Love is all about. What or whom do you love in your life? If you love the world, then you are not fruitful and according to Jesus sermon on the vine, you are about to be cut off, thrown and burned.

However, the love of Christ keeps speaking to you. It keeps telling your spirit, “Hey this ain’t good” or ‘you need to seek spiritual guidance for your family’ and so on. He has never been far away from you. Rather it is always us who has been away from the guiding light of Jesus.

Go back to him and like a child, allow Christ to transform your life. The son of God is the only source of everlasting life. And he wants you to live a life of complete joy in Jesus.

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