The Gospel of Jesus christ

Have you ever known what really makes the world a better place to live?  If your answer has nothing to do with the gospel of Jesus, it must be far from the truth.

The gospel of Jesus is dynamite for fighting evil and building a society that loves unity, peace and principles which promote a sense of brotherly attitude across the human divisive spirit. Most of the Nobel peace prize winners are people with excellent record in believing in the greatest teachings of Jesus.

What does the gospel of Jesus contain that it is so easy to get along with people or bring change to the world? It is not certainly public relations exercise which the world preaches.  It is not even a smile or anything that is the habit of superficial nature in people.

Jesus Christ says it is His everlasting love which is genuine, reliable and trustworthy.

Loving the commandments of Jesus Christ is the only way any society would become successful in defeating that which brings hatred, discord and anger.

Christians must be a good example as they work together with Christ Jesus in teaching the world joy and wisdom found in abiding by the laws and precepts of the creator lord Jesus.

This is what makes the world go round.  Love makes your office, home or your community a nice place to live and look forward to.  Any loving Christian community should be having this mission. Praying and encouraging people to be transformed by the gospel of Jesus is the true mark of discipleship.  This is found in a serious ecclesia living in full spirit and guidance of a divine power.

And so there is something so precious in the commandments of God. People stumble in their Christian journey but a thread of victory over sin makes faith in Jesus so compassionate. These are principles of the universe and without them life becomes meaningless; always dreary because freedom of choice is nowhere near anybody.

But the grace, forgiveness and laws of God put everything in the place and nobody would accuse nor blame anybody for personal biases and weaknesses. The Eyes of God watches good and evil because His laws are fair, righteous and long lasting.

Below are the three summaries of gospel of Jesus Christ. They show how Christ taught that which was not personal or misleading about the kingdom of God but reflect the joy of the father in heaven.

    1.The world’s greatest Commandment and secret to prosperity: Heaven rejoices at people speaking one language of love. It knows the power of the dynamite—how it destroys evil and builds a temporary heaven on earth. To read, click the link above.

     2. The greatest man in the kingdom of God: This is not a celebrity the cameras of world media focus on but the least you don’t expect at all. He is meek, loyal and willing to have his spirit influenced by Holy Spirit for good things of the heart, mind and body. To read, click the link above.

        3.The blessed assurance of abiding in Jesus Christ: Like a tree near the flowing river, it never withers. Why? the blessed assurance of having roots near waters nourish and makes the tree bear fruits. Such is life too when you abide in Jesus. To read, click the link above.

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