Understanding God Jesus Christ

We must understand from the outset the concept of deity to know the mystery of God Jesus Christ in His nature and character.

God Jesus Christ is the second person in three unions of Himself. First we have God the Father,God the Son, and God the Holy spirit.These triunity of God co-existed in eternity.

God-Jesus co-eternity is evidenced in His clear affirmation of His everlasting nature. "I am the Alpha and Omega says the Lord God, ’’who is,and who was,and who is to come,the Almighty’’[Rev 1:8.].

And in studying Jesus Christ in detail, you need to take into account five immutable qualities that describe Jesus Christ Character.  Here is a list.

  God Jesus Christ: 5 Immutable Nature of Himself

1.Eternal—God is self-existent,immortal,the invisible who reveals His Glory in Jesus Christ and the only one God.[ 1 Timothy 1:17] He has the beginning and the end in Himself. He’s independent unlike His creatures who need air,water and food to live.[Gen 1:29]

2.Creator--- God created the universe from nothing. ‘By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command,so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible’ [Hebrews 11:3] He created man in His image and gave Him authority to rule every creature on earth. [psalm 24:1—2]

3.Loving.—The scripture shows us that God is by nature love.Whoever does not love another person but shows hatred, then God is not in him-- because God is love ’Romans 5:8 says  ‘‘but God demonstrates his own love for us in this:While we were still sinners,Christ died for us.’’

4. Holy.---The Holiness of God is not only his attribute but, like love reveals who He is. In 2 Corinthians 5:21 Paul writes ‘God made him who had no sin to sin for us,so that in him we might become the righteousness of God’

5.Omniscient---God knows everything and nothing is hidden from Him.He knows the future and nothing will get him by surprise.Isaiah 46:10 says ‘I make known the end from the beginning,from ancient times,what is still to come.I say:My purpose will stand,and I will do all that I please.’

From the above list, we find that what is true about God is also the same with Jesus. This is because Jesus is a man manifesting God in spirit and character. Jesus Christ is actually God.

However, this identity is hot and even Christendom have not come to fully agree on the issue. As a result, Christianity has many denominations due to the nature of Jesus. We have the Mormons, Christian Science and many others who seem to argue differently on the issue of Jesus deity.

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