The Ancient of Days: Jesus, the Son of Man in Daniel’s Prophecy

 Read Daniel 7:9--28

Jesus Christ is the Ancient of Days. This reference appears in Daniel 7 three times.

Ancient of Days in the vision of Daniel, takes the seat on a throne. His throne flames with fire. He is described as having white hair on his head and bedecked in cloths that are white as snow. Read. Daniel 7: 9.

This is the reference to God the father. In Daniel 7: 13, however, Jesus Christ is seen in the vision approaching the father. God the father in heaven gives Him the authority. The Lord Jesus is bestowed with the throne.

His throne is everlasting. He has authority, glory and all characters of the Ancient of Days. In other words, Jesus Christ becomes too the ancient of Days by virtue of the deity of God. God the father and the son have similarities in purpose and spirit. There is no schism. God is one.

This reality of Daniel vision is also reinforced and given more light in another vision in the book of Revelation according to John the elder, the beloved disciple of Jesus. This is found in Revelation.1: 14—15.

Jesus Christ is described in the same appearances as God. He says, he saw someone like ‘the son of man’ whose head and hair were as white as a snow. And feet glowing like fire. Voice like the sound of rushing waters.

This is enough light to believe who Jesus Christ is. He is the olden deity who before time, space and matter, He existed in the infinity. Such is the glory, power and dominion of the lord. He created the Heavens and the earth and everything above and below.

The poem in the book of proverbs proclaims this sovereignty of Jesus. Proverbs 8:22—23 says Jesus Christ is the first begotten man. Before creation of the world, Jesus existed in the father not as superior deity but one of equal heart, mind and soul.

Jesus Christ abandoned His Ancient hood and glory though to take full form of man. He is the son of man. This means that humanity originated in him and this explains what Daniel saw in the vision. The nations worship Him as Lord and God the creator.  Amazing!

His deeds are righteous. The scripture exhorts us to love Jesus christ who forgives sin. Growing in His grace, truth and glory, Jesus empowers His children with the Heavenly knowledge and understanding. That is the beginning of the fear of the lord. He watches every step you take in your life.

The eyes of the lord watches good and evil. He gives people time to repent and confess their sins. He is slow to anger and His mercies are new every morning. How compassionate and gentle Jesus Christ is.

But the Judgment day is near. Jesus Christ shall rescue His saints from persecution, trials and temptation from the claws of the evil one controlling the world. She speaks blasphemous words and demands worship. The wrath of God will cast Him into Abusso of eternal fire where it smells horrible and disgusting. Jesus is Lord, and He is He from God for humanity.

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