Hi. Thanks for stopping by to see what I do herein. My name is Isaac Kerich. I’m a Christian blogger.  I’m not a pastor.

Isaac Kerich

I believe the online is among the best ways one can use to share and proclaim Jesus Christ. He is my life. He saved me and now I stand blameless in the sight of God. This site is a platform to testify of what Jesus has accomplished in us.

I do all the blogging in Eldoret, Kenya. I’m a citizen of Kenya in the Great East African Community. I love my country and particularly the region I come from—The Uasin Gishu county. The city of the World Champions in athletics and the home of good news too.

However, the citizenship  of heaven is much golden. I admire that we walk with Jesus always without fail. For He directs our steps towards the crown of eternal life. This I believe and it’s my prayer that you too can experience the transforming spirit of Christ Jesus. This is God’s joy to see we love Him. To see we love each other in bond of brotherhood.

I started this site by ‘accident’ at least in my own opinion. I have always wanted to learn how to do internet marketing. I had found in a little bit of research about SiteBuilt It—a one stop software for everything about online marketing.

I didn’t wait. I subscribed, wrestle with the software and here is http://www.christjesus-joy.com.  I’m still building it though.  I didn’t know bibliogging existed.   It’s the only niche I found rather appealing to me.  

Nonetheless, writing to communicate online is different. You don’t have to be a lawyer or bikozulu, a creative Kenyan blogger I admire his creative prowess the most.

What else do you want to know about me?  Oh yes, I read the Bible before writing anything. It’s the authority behind the voice of this young site. I also attend church at Kapsoya Seventh Day Adventist in Kenya. Should you wish to contact me for a question or comment, use the contact link in the navigation bar. Thank you and God bless you. Back To christjesus-joy.com