Jesus of Nazareth and Other Jesuses

The first century Galilee had many people sharing the name Jesus. You only needed to be very keen to know who you were looking for.

Is it Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus-Barabbas the Judean Zealot? Or even Jesus Theudas, the miracle magician who had hundreds of followers too?

Jesuses were many.  All were popular people. However, the gospel they preached was not similar. This is what distinguished Jesus of Nazareth from the others. Please click the links below to read more.

The Anti-Roman gospel of Jesus Barabbas from Judea: Barabbas led many revolts against the Roman government. The Roman government accused him of insurrection. And appeared with Jesus of Nazareth in the trial under Pilate the judge.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth: Christ Jesus also called the son of Joseph in the first century started teaching in Galilee. Jesus the Messiah instituted a group of young men better known as disciples to instruct and build them into ‘The Way’ the world history and theology would follow.

The Messiah Jesus made 7 powerful claims which identify who He was and the mission He advocated for the world to recognize.                  

The 7 'I AM' Declaration of Jesus of Nazareth

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1. I am the bread of life.

2. I am the light of the world.

3. I am a good shepherd.

4. I am the gate.

5.I am the resurrection and life.

6.I am the way, and the truth and the life.

7.I am the true vine.

Even with all of the above divine proclamation, People could still question who Jesus really was. Skepticism abounded everywhere. It never faded easily.

Even today scholars question whether really Nazareth existed. Professor Bart, Greenberg, Acharya S and members of Jesus seminar are trying to argue away the gospel of Jesus christ with many scathing historical discourses.

These claims have created a lot of Gnostic ideas which put reason above the faith and deity of Jesus.  Although having faith is neither the absence of any knowledge nor evidences, it’s important to note that Jesus is savior.

He died on the cross to pay the wages of sin for all human beings. He redeemed us from doubt and many worldly epistemological teachings. The Holy Spirit teaches us to believe Him as Lord. He instructs our hearts to trust Jesus who orders our footsteps from stumbling to deceptions and cunning tricks of Lucifer.

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