Christ Jesus: The Joy of Salvation

Apostle Paul uses the term Christ Jesus several times in his testament of epistles. Why did Paul refer to the son of God this way?  Is this really any different from Jesus Christ?

There is no difference between Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus at all.  Neither did Paul nor early Bible translators had any intended  deliberate pun.

The major reason for using the term Christ is that in the first century, many people shared the name Jesus. Again, not all of them were ‘Christos’, a Greek word, from which 'Christ' an English word originate.  

‘Christos’ transliterate to as ‘the anointed one’ in English or 'Messiah' in Hebrew. Jesus is the messiah whose mission is to reconcile God and Man.

Jesus Christ and Pseudo Jesuses

So Apostle Paul distinctly shared the gospel of the Christ Jesus and not other Jesuses mentioned here. In fact, before Jesus death and resurrection, He was only known as Jesus of Nazareth or the son of Joseph.

Jesus the Christ is a Man who defies adequate description. No single word paints Him enough.  His secret teachings have changed the world history since Moses taught Torah to the Israelites in the desert.  

And To call Him a radical rabbi is an understatement.  His vulnerability or His humility worsens His claim on deity in the eyes of critiques.

Jesus Christ Identity Debate

This phenomenon has resulted to debate for and against the authenticity of His claim. Who is Jesus Christ really? is He not a prophet or even may be a great moral teacher? Many questions abounds.  

However, when you understand who He is, you are in essence growing in the full measure of Christ Jesus knowledge, wisdom and understanding. This is because Jesus Christ gives you good tips for a better Christian living everybody admire.


Christ Jesus is the joy of salvation. Like a butterfly attracted to the beauty of flowers in God’s nature, His is gospel of the greatest commandment which attracts you to him and commands you gently to abide in Him. He becomes an invisible companion who constantly instructs, inspire and direct your life every day.

What shall you do with His ever present wise counsel revealed in the scripture? Some choose to ignore him. Jesus gives people this choice. Others decide to accept him as Lord and savior.

And believing in the son of God remains to be one amongst those best decisions you can ever make. There are four steps to Christ which outlines how to you can know, develop trust and faith in Him.

Following the steps takes you closer to Jesus—the one who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. This is what Christianity is all about. People often ask “is Jesus Christ the origin of Christianity?”

The atheist doubt and never believe in Christianity. They are skeptical about origins and creation, morality and other values taught in the Bible.  But the son of God says He came into the world so that people may believe Him as Christ the redeemer as the Old Testament, apostle Paul and the four gospel writers proclaim.

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